Building your Boardroom – The power of your mind

Our biggest physical asset is our brain, and the power we have sitting within our noggin.  The power of your mind is more than often the real key to your success.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can‘t–you‘re right.” – Henry Ford

So when you are looking to improve anything in your life it stands to reason the more we can nourish our brains with positive thoughts and information that will help us, the better opportunity we have to utilise this asset to make the best decisions in life.

One way we can help increase our knowledge especially when looking for a job or building our own business is to work with a mentor.

Now what if you could have any mentor you wanted, in fact you could have multiple mentors, people you totally respected and have them help steer your thoughts in the right direction – what could you acheive?

Well actually using out minds we can! The first step is to understand how to meditate and clear your mind, this helps when you are having your virtual meeting of the board.  The next step is to look for people you admire in the areas you want advice or help then spend time bringing them into your thoughts when in your personal mediative state.

Building my Boardroom
By researching the people you think can help you can can start to paint a picture of how they may approach life. Enabling you to tap into positive thoughts you have qualified when reading or researching your ‘virtual board member’. You don’t have to like everything about them, and you may only use them for specific areas of expertise (probably the wisest approach).

Now like any board you need to make time to think through who you want to hire and what they bring to the party.  You also need to make regular time to “consult” with your board as you round out the potential solutions or thoughts you wish to adopt on your journey to success.

My Boardroom

My personal boardroom consist of several people, however to give you an example I have listed three above who have consistently helped me make “the right” decisions or helped me find solutions to deal with building my business and at times think about what I am doing with my life.

By the way, I have both hired and fired board members over time as I either replaced them or they acted in a way where I lost respect for them.

The power of my virtual board room is I can work with them anytime I need them. Often this maybe late in the evening when I have the time to invest in thinking about how ‘I imagine’ they would approach what ever was needed.

Depending on the board member I may adopt different approaches to understanding them,  some may have written books that I read (more than once) and really try to understand how they would approach the given task I have decided they could help me with. The great thing about books is I can physically go back and read them again and realign why I enjoyed their approach and remind myself of the advice and approach I like.

Many of the people I really must confess I really do not understand but the postive ideas they  help me think about are the thoughts I am looking for to help me move forward.

For example – Elle MacPherson has always represented to me (As my personal marketing advisor) that what ever i do it must look great, and I should spend the time ensuring it does to my best ability.  This advice as helped me win tenders, prepare myself for job interviews, ensure I present myself as well as I can when required.

George Clason’s book “The richest man in babylon” has been the resource and advice I have found most useful when thinking about the financial things in my life.

Richard Carlson’s book has helped me through stressful times and remember to put things into perspective – been handy especially when dealing with my four teenagers.

So, if your are looking to shape your thoughts and to find positive (and I must stress only use the positive) ideas, try building your personal boardroom.  Have some fun remember you can hire and fire them when you like but the key is to find people you really can respect and develop a long term relationship with.

Now, I personally believe it is still great to have mentors that you personally know, who can physically meet with and spend quality time discussing things with.   I have had a number of these people at different times who I am very thankful for, helping me as I grew through different stages and challenges in my life.

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