Building your network 101

Whether you are in business or wanting to build a network to increase career options here are a few simple steps to help you get started – even if you are a naturally shy person.

  1.  Make sure you have the following assets for yourself.  A good personal website, professional Linkedin profile, An profile, both a personal and networking Facebook page (Business page if you happen to own a business). Twitter Account.
  2. Start to find people via these social media products to study and when you find people you admire or look up to – promote them via your website and social media pages.
  3. Let them know you like their information and that you are sharing.
  4. Start to write ‘great’ content yourself, make sure it comes from the heart, it is good for everyone and add your personal experiences and touches to connect your material to you.

The more you take action the better chance you have of building your network, building your brand and learning from others as you research what you like and who is writing it.

and have FUN while you are doing it.

Take Care – hope this was helpful for you.


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