Build ‘your’ system

There is a lot to remember when you are motivated to change your life for the better.

The first step is to make a personal plan that covers all aspects of our life which may include career or business, relationships, health, financial, friends & family, personal growth and development, fun and recreation, and environment etc.  For more information on goal setting visit my blog ‘Dreaming and goal setting’

Then to activate your plan you need to take ‘daily’ action and there are many great systems out there that can help you.  I personally use a customised time management system I have built myself based on the Day-timer system I use to promote in the 1980’s which I have modernised to meet my on needs. However I would encourage you to look around at what is available and find one you think would work best for you.

In terms of the actual plan, I start with a high level mind-map which includes images of the goals I have and can be transferred onto one page which I can visualise with each morning during my daily planning session.  This master plan gets broken down into descriptions in a journal, and the most important inclusion in the description is the reason WHY this goal is important to me.  Writing this down is extremely important and then linking that information in your mind map provides an easy system for reminding you of the goals and what they mean to you, when you check your map each day.

However, this is that part where I remind you to explore other systems, find one that would work best for you, the important thing here is that you plan your dreams, which is the first step in turning dreams into goals, then take daily actions that start the process of achieving these goals.  Whatever system you choose provided you are persistent and consistent you should get results.

I have found simple systems are the easiest.  However, your system is not just the planner you use it is the way your design your time. E.g. A person who sets a regular time to walk, or go to the gym is more likely to be persistent and consistent than someone who plans randomly there health activities. So working your plan using a diary is a must, regular times allocated for the most important goals is a must.  Then measuring results and making adjustments until you find what works for you.  Measuring results never stops until you achieve your goal (and in some cases like losing weight may be required forever to ensure you maintain the size you want).

The final step is to find someone to keep you accountable, this can be a friend who is also using a similar system or a Personal Coach who will keep you on track. Another way you can keep yourself accountable is  to publish your goal on social media (I use Facebook to let my friends and family know I am determined to lose weight) and then provide updates on how I am progressing each week.

You will get positive encouragement each week, and if you are like me you will be focused on making sure your next post is a positive one.  You will also earn respect when people see you are persistent and consistent with this activity.

The first goal you should have therefore is the goal to build a system that is right for you.

Take care of your self and hope you found this information helpful.



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