What if I don’t know what I want to do for a career?

Firstly, don’t let yourself stress about this.  In my experience, most people do not actually know what they want as a career. It makes you no better or poorer than those who do.  What’s important is what you want to get out of your life.

There are many coaches who would tell you to keep asking the question of yourself each night just before you go to sleep.  But my approach is a little different.  I never knew what I wanted to do as a career, but I did know what I did not want to do and it all worked out fine.

Where I think you can make a big difference is to allow yourself to dream, and dream BIG, don’t let anyone or anything influence what your dream life could be.  The next step is to get your dreams down on paper.  Notice I said get not write.  You see our minds work with pictures and the best way to activate both your logical and creative brains is to picture what you want.  I use Mind Maps but if you do not like drawing (then a visual board might be your thing).

Look up Mind Mapping it is worth having a play and seeing what you come up with.

Your first drawing/board should be massive, filled with all the dreams and desires you want your life to be.  You then slowly start to prioritise the dreams until you have the amount started to picture what is most important.  Then set about achieving your dreams, whether that be acquiring new skills you need or “Just doing” something every day that gets you closer.  The dreams should be massive, it should feel daunting otherwise, you are not stretching yourself and your living in the “safe” and frankly “boring” zone.

Again, don’t stress if you still have not worked ut what your career is going to be, it may be that your life is bigger than a career, yes you will need money.  But, if you are motivated to achieve your dreams you will take jobs and do things that make money.

When you are ready and you have the things you want to really achieve in your life, then find help.  A coach, mentor (not necessarily a family member or friend, they tend to have their own ideas for you).  Ideally, a trained personal coach who can guide you when you need guidance.

Love your life and design the life you will love.  If you don’t everyone else will do it for you.

Take care and have a great day.

Setting up a fabulous 2017

As Christmas, fast approaches, and then we celebrate the start of a new year I am preparing myself for my annual ritual of reviewing my lifelong dreams and goals and setting the course for a successful 2017.

For me, this process has already started and my reviewed personal plan and the new annual plan will not be complete until the end of January, giving me plenty of time to dream and feed my mind with positive energy.

I love this time, not the commercial Christmas which causes so many people, so much stress. I do enjoy boxing day a chance just to relax and soak in the great things about this time of year, and spend time with family without the hustle and bustle of Xmas day.  New Year’s Eve can be special as we catch up with those we enjoy bringing in the new year.

My most favourite time is the hours I will spend over January reviewing and building my personal plan.  This is a time where I like a lot of personal time (alone) dreaming and visualising what my life is going to look like.  I also look at how I can build a better me, and how I can help those people I love as well as those people who cross my path.

It is also a time of new stationary in the form of new Daytimer pages and a new Journal – why does stationery bring me such joy?

Happiness is always on the agenda and I will remind myself that being grateful every day is the key to unlocking a happy and healthy life.  I will also remind myself that I can control how I feel every minute of the day and I can choose to be happy regardless of any situation I find myself in.  Life is for living and learning, having great experiences and spending time with people that help each other be the best they can be.

I will spend much time thinking about the people I love, focusing my mind on a positive future, being grateful for who they are and learning to enjoy every moment, this is the journey I am on.

It’s a time of forgiveness and letting go, I work on this daily now and found it is such a wonderful skill to help you get the most from your life.  Dwelling negatively on people or circumstances, worrying about what might happen, holding grudges is not for me.  I want my mind to be positive and focus on enjoying life and helping others to do the same. Simply trying to not think about those who have wronged you is not enough, forgiveness works – try it.

My plan will be comprehensive and setup the rest of my year and drive me down a life path I would love to live, one that I personally have designed, one that is great for me, great for the ones I love and great for those people I spend time with.  I will control the things I can control, I will prepare and remind myself that there will be challenging thoughts that enter my head, but will also remind myself that they are simply thoughts and that is their nature, I am guided by my heart and this is what I will remind myself to listen to.

This ensures I will have a very Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year.  I wish you all the same.



May all your problems be little ones this Christmas and may you love watching them unwrap their presents.

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