Maori Values give you an advantage

He Waka Taura – Navigating Talent is a framework that uses principles like respect, integrity and well practiced communications skills to help an organisation recruit, nurture and release talent in such a way they become an advocate for you even when they have left your business.


The framework is based on values and principles that were designed to ensure a people’s survival. And to be honest to me they are simply ‘good manners’

Sadly with the amplification of poorly thought out on-line recruitment systems and processes that strive to reduce human contact many organisations have designed a way to destroy their recruitment brand. Top talent will look else where and those whom engage with them differently, perhaps using the values below will set themselves up to win the war for talent.

The practice of these Maori values have been tested over hundreds of years. They are not something to be debated over or questioned, they simply work and make us all better people. They can be applied whether you are Maori or not for your advantage. They will also enable the platform for diversity your organisation should be looking for.

Many organisations will struggle to pull back from the path they have ventured down, due to massive investment in technology driven by HR/Recruitment staff more concerned about process than people. In a time where many of our hiring managers are too busy to lift their heads or frankly in my mind – just do not care.

“Good seed does not grow in poor soil” or to put it bluntly – top talent will move to where they know they will be given the best opportunities and are treated with the most respect.

Opportunity knocks
Those organisations that are willing to make a change, buck the trend, that want to truly take care of people have a huge opportunity to learn and understand these values and then position themselves to secure the best talent, create truly diverse organisations and connect with the many educated, bright and gifted people looking for organisations that ‘just do it better’.

Like with many things the few that put in the effort will rise to the top while the many become ‘average’ or continue to make the same mistakes.

The Values

Research these values, seek out people who know the true meanings, find out why they work and then introduce them into your organisation and reap the rewards.

Like all things you will need to practice, practice and practice to become proficient in their use, but as we all know great things take hard work.

Courageous organisations led by determined people now is your time to shine.

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

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